Tesla Model Y/3 Center Console Cup Holder Insert


Express:About 2 Weeks
Models:Model Y/3 2021-2022
Material:Silicone, TPE

Tesla Model Y/3 Center Console Cup Holder Insert

Why we need tesla cup holder inserts?
Are you annoyed by the noise caused by spilled beverages or shaking bottles while driving?

Tesla Model Y/3 Center Console Cup Holder Insert can help you to solve this problem. It can help you fix the beverages and other containers well so that the liquid will not overflow and stain your car. The bottle can also be fixed to prevent it from sliding and falling. The installation is quick and the operation is simple, just insert the cup holder directly.

1.Exclusive Patent Design: The cup holder has been customized design for 2022 2021 Tesla Model 3 Model Y. Exact Fit New Console.

2.Perfect Fit: The inside of the cup holder is covered with soft rubber, which can hold the cup, and other beverage containers well. Prevent beverage spillage.

3.High-quality material: Made of TPE soft rubber material, strong and durable. Non-toxic and tasteless.

4.Directly install: Insert the cup holder directly; convenient to use.

5.Installation: Insert the cup holder into your Tesla center console. No liquid will spill during driving.

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17.9 × 7.1 × 8.7 cm

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